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Games & Sports

Physical Education at Doon Public School is an integral part of our curriculum. In addition to health and fitness, we encourage students to give equal importance to developing skills, learning to work in teams, building leadership and personal growth, critical thinking and problem solving.

Our students compete regularly with teams from all over Madhya Pradesh and at National Level Competitions. Many students have won Gold and Silver medals in competitions such as Karate and Taekwondo in recently held competitions. Swimming, tennis, basketball, football (or soccer, if you prefer), volleyball, and cricket are just a few of our sports offerings.

Extending its efforts on achieving joyful learning for students our school recently launched Gwalior’s biggest Multi-PlayStation (Doon’s Swings and Slides) that includes roller slides, spiral slides, rock climbers, rope climbers, see-saw, tic-tac-toe, google swings and merry go round. Considering that primary level kids require more fun based sports for physical development, a variety of modern playground equipment were rolled out.